Welcome to Carefully

A new community with the mission to help busy parents achieve personal balance by sharing childcare, community resources, and a safe space to connect with other parents.

Originally posted April 2020

When I launched Carefully three years ago, I created an app to encourage parents to share care and host playdates. In these unprecedented times, I’ve realized that Carefully’s core mission extends well beyond playdate scheduling. Finding balance and connecting with other parents in meaningful ways is what we all need now, more than ever.

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As a single mom in NYC, I’m all too familiar with the pressure to try and have it all — work, family, friends, exercise, chores, homework, the list goes on. As parents, we’re all working so hard to make everything fit that, when things don’t, we often sacrifice ourselves and our time first, not realizing how much that impacts everyone else and, ultimately, our kids.

Now, more than ever, we’re starting to understand just how much is asked of parents — and especially mothers, on whom the burden of care still falls the most. As the latest research shows that mothers face significantly more pressure than fathers to be the involved parent, even when both parents are working in 70% of homes, it’s no surprise that women are still having a harder time balancing the demands of job and family.

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That’s why I’m building this new community, to move from understanding to action. It will be a place to share the things that make us smile, the things that make us go huh?, and the things that make us feel recharged. It will also be a place to share resources, from classes to services, that our children love, and a positive space to connect with other parents and hear their stories.

I hope you’ll enjoy these musings and thoughts, and that you’ll join the conversation, too! If you have a story to share, please reach out to me at leslie@carefullyapp.com.

Only together, can we support and celebrate new ways of living carefree and Carefully.

— Leslie